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The Pack

“The strength of the pack is the wolf, the strength of the wolf is the pack.”

What are you seeking?

to GET 

SHit Done

to gain more


to improve 


What is The Pack? 

The Pack is a productivity accelerator designed to support high performing individuals, who sometimes suffer from what we call “Lone Wolf Syndrome”. They can be working inside a company, running their own business, or blazing as an entrepreneur. The Pack helps facilitate human-to-human experiences based on the observation of wolves.


Through The Pack, we facilitate peer-to-peer support, learning, and growth. The Pack leverages the power of community among a tribe of people who are on similar journeys, whether kick-starting a venture on their own or getting more done inside their existing workplace. We all know how lonely leadership or challenging the status quo can be.

The Story Behind The Pack

The Pack started out as an experiment by founder George Samuels, while he was on the hunt for his next job. He sought a solution to his own problem: as he was job-hunting, he noticed how lonely it was. He was determined to find the right company to work for, but wanted to be surrounded by other job-seekers and/or high-performing go-getters.


Inspired by an affinity for wolves, George put out the idea of an "accountability mastermind", validated it with 3 paying customers (a form of idea validation), and then ran with the concept. The goal of the group was to keep each other accountable to their goals over a 3-month period. This then extended to a second round, then third, and so on. It eventually resulted in a repeatable process with demonstrable results.

What was interesting was how the group grew beyond the purpose of "finding a job" - it became relevant to anyone pursuing a goal. It just so happens that finding a job, growing a business, and/or building a community are three of the most common goals.

“As former lone wolves, we’ve discovered that being part of The Pack allows us to achieve so much more than we could alone. Together is better.”

That’s how The Pack was born and the rest was history. 

Our Value Proposition

a High-Performance


success through 


building Relentless 


Unleashing your true


Business/ Life/Career 


helping you you achieve 



Our Process

Getting into The Pack is a highly selective process and we want to keep it that way because of the three following reasons: 


  • We want to create a Pack of very well-intentioned community members so, for us, quality is more important than quantity.  

  • The members of  The Pack are going to define the effectiveness of the program, as the fundamentals of this program are based on the structure of wolf packs (with peer-to-peer learning and support). 

  • We can only really help a small group of individuals to create remarkable results. It’s about going deep, rather than wide. As such, we can’t fully help each member if we don’t invest in getting to know them, their background, goals, strengths, and/or unique challenges.

Are you a lone wolf in search of your "pack"?

Our Plans


$300 USD

  • Access to x1 Pack round

  • 3-months private Slack access

  • A community of high performers - helping you to unleash your potential

  • Lifetime alumni group access


$1,000 USD

  • Access to x3 Pack rounds

  • Year-long access to private Slack group

  • A community of high performers - helping you to unleash your potential

  • Lifetime alumni group access

  • A dedicated Slack channel for Alphas

  • A special feature on the It Will Come Show podcast with George Siosi Samuels

Finding your path and building something that serves amazing people, which sustainably supports your freedom, requires hard work and a ton of guts. It takes time and commitment. 


NOTE: We’re not promising you any magic bullet or get-rich-quick schemes. We’re in this for YOU, but we EXPECT your commitment right from the start.

Are you ready to rejoin the pack?


"I was able to hit my income goal of $5k / month, and landed a part-time business adviser role that gives me freedom and flexibility to work with great clients, and also spend 3 days a week building my business. I'm now feeling in flow and abundance with my finances. I have more energy, and my sleep quality has improved. Best of all, I got married to the woman of my dreams (with George, Erin and Keren helping out with the wedding - legends!), and I have improved my relationship with my nephew and father. Thank you so much for all the support Packsters!"

Anfernee Chansamooth Director of Simple Creative Marketing

"I have learned and gained so much from The Pack experience! I now know that I am not the only one dealing with certain blocks and anxieties. I am now definitely more efficient and more focused. Writing a to-do list and predicting how much time is required, then keeping track of it is SO good . The 5 minute journal and Action Power Hour have really helped. These techniques are now part of my daily routine. I have some pretty big goals set for these 3 months and feel more in control since being part of The Pack."

Gretha Oost, Inventor of 321 Water & The O Initiative 

"Before The Pack, I was: multitasking on multiple projects and finding it hard to gain clarity and focus. After The Pack, I was able to launch Beyond Latte (ginger latte product) from idea in July 2016; achieved 30 orders; stocked in 4 stores across Sydney, Central Coast and Gold Coast; and netted ~$1000 in sales. The Pack helped keep me accountable on my most important tasks through the daily check-in.  
It helped me get clear on my goals.”

Karen, Founder of Beyond Latte

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